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The school is open to qualified, motivated and pre-selected candidates. Ph.D. students, post-docs, and young researchers are encouraged to submit their application through the application page. Please provide an overview of your motivation to attend the event and also list your experience in the area of systems security.


We expect that the participants have some knowledge of x86 assembly, we will not provide an introduction course on assembler. Furthermore, some familiarity with tools such as IDA or OllyDbg is helpful. To test your knowledge, we provide a small challenge that you should solve. Please analyze the given executable and find out a valid solution for the challenge ReverseEngineer.


Please apply and register via our registration page until July 10, 2015. We process applications on a first-come, first-served basis and provide feedback on your application within two to three weeks. Please be aware that only a selected list of applicants will be allowed to register to the school.


Note that the registration fee for the event is 350€ in case you are accepted to the school. This amount includes daily refreshments, lunch, and social events (BBQ and guided tour).

Scholarship for female participants

The scholarship is for female young researchers who are seeking financial support. The selection committee places a strong focus on financial hardship.

Child care

In cooperation with the Ruhr-University's initiative ProKids we are able to offer child care for the duration of the speaker's talks and the tutorials.