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Seminar and Lecture Series

We offer a research-oriented series of lectures for all Ph.D. students of the Research Training Group. It will take place every two weeks and is intended for Ph.D. students with and without stipend support. Primarily, external speakers from academia and industry will present new scientific results, or will give an overview of a specific research area. The lecture series will take place during the semester only. The goal of the lecture series is to offer a broad scientific education in modern IT-security, as well as an opportunity for students to come into contact with external (international) researchers.

In addition to the lecture series, we will also offer a biweekly Ph.D. student seminar; thus, there will be a lecture or seminar every week on a regular basis. In the Ph.D. student seminar the members of UbiCrypt will give talks on their current research results. Each Ph.D. student is supposed to give a presentation once per year. The goal of the seminar is to encourages scientific discussions, and to keep all member of UbiCrypt informed about each other’s ongoing research. Attendance of both the seminar and the lecture series is mandatory for the Ph.D. students, and a 70% attendance rate must be achieved by each student.