Cross-Disciplinary Project
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Cross-Disciplinary Project

A central characteristic of modern IT security is the breadth of the required techniques, which span from mathematical foundations to computer science to electrical engineering. We address the required interdisciplinarity by assigning a main and a secondary advisor to each Ph.D. student. In order to assure that every student benefits from the dual advisor concept, each Ph.D. student performs a six-week “cross-disciplinary” project in the second advisor’s group. To further strengthen this educational aspect over the duration of the dissertation, post-docs will act as interdisciplinary coordinators.

In most cases, this phase will directly contribute to the dissertation research. The work conducted in this phase should have project character and the student’s workplace will be at the host group during this time. In most
cases, the visiting student will work with a post-doc or an advanced Ph.D. student of the host group.

There are several educational goals that are pursued with the cross-disciplinary project. First, the obvious reason is to broaden the technical education of the Ph.D. students. A second major reason is that this phase improves the collaboration of Ph.D. students from different groups who are working on different (but related) subjects. We hope that this has a positive long-term effect on the cohesiveness of UbiCrypt. Moreover, gaining insight into the working techniques used in related disciplines, with possibly different research cultures, enables a student to collect valuable experiences for her/his later career.