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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of approximately five independent top-level international researchers. One main goal is to provide input to the Management Board regarding the general orientation with respect to research, e.g., suggest emerging research topics that should be covered by future Ph.D. students.

Another role of the Advisory Board is to comment on the ongoing research in the RTG and possibly suggest new educational elements, for instance, summer school topics in emerging areas.

Furthermore, the Advisory Board might help to establish additional outside contacts, e.g., for placing Ph.D. students of UbiCrypt at foreign institutions. The Advisory Board members will receive a condensed version of the annual report. In order to keep the overhead moderate for the members, the Advisory Board will meet bi-annually with all PIs in person, and every other year there will be a telephone conference. In addition, there will be informal feedback on a person-to-person basis during scientific conferences and workshops.

In summary, the Advisory Board has an important role for the quality control of the RTG.


Members of the Advisory Board