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Application Criteria & Process

Qualification Criteria


We will closely link our Research Training Group to the Ruhr-University Research School and all Ph.D. students will be admitted into the Research School. Therefore, we will apply the same qualification criteria that are mandatory for the RUB Research School.

The minimum requirements are:
1. Timely completion of the first degree (Diplom or Bachelor+Master)
2. Among the top 25% of graduating students in the student’s program
3. Demonstration of initial scientific interest and aptitude

To start your doctorate at UbiCrypt you should have a very good qualification equivalent to a Master’s Degree or Diploma on university level completed after eight semesters of study. In exceptional cases you may also be accepted with a very good Bachelor’s degree (Qualification Fellow). 

If you have a degree from a university or research institute outside of Germany or finished your studies in a research subject that is not represented at RUB you should ask for recognition of your final study degree at the respective faculty.

As a rule you should have good English or German language knowledge – depending on the research project and research environment you are interested in. It could be helpful if you can document this by a language certificate if you are no native speaker.



Two Step Process


For selecting new Ph.D. students there will be a two step process.

In the first phase all incoming applicants will be screened by the Principal Investigators (PI).

In the second phase, the most suited candidates are invited to a research colloquium. This way, the competitive character for the best students will become pronounced. Each candidate will give a presentation that should consist of the student’s master thesis together with a brief outlook on the dissertation project the student is applying for. The goal is to demonstrate the ability for carrying out Ph.D. level research. This colloquium is run by all Principal Investigators, whether they have currently proposed a dissertation project or not. The PIs will decide by a secret vote which of the Ph.D. students will be accepted and will receive a grant.

Each PI makes a ranking for the Ph.D. students. The points of all PI votes are then added in order to obtain a ranking of the Ph.D. applicants. As the guiding rule, applying students with the highest point count receive a grant.